We are actively working with a select handful of innovative meat alternative brands to commercialize Plantible's Rubi Prime™ ingredient solutions in 2023. We'd love to hear about your project and explore potential alignment for how we might be able to help. Drop us a line below!

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Methylcellulose has met its match.

Our world is reliant on animal protein to feed many of its eight billion (and counting) people. But the resource intensity, human health, and animal welfare concerns associated with this approach are troubling.

Enter Meat Alternatives. Consumers continue entering this category for values of health, animal welfare, and sustainability. However, many of them are finding that taste and texture do not live up to expectation. Whether using plant-based, fermentation-derived, or cell cultured proteins, it is critical to deliver the taste, functionality, and health consumers demand.

Rubi Prime™ is a first-of-its-kind meat alternative ingredient. Powered by Plantible's Rubi Protein™, Rubi Prime™ allows meat alternative product developers to receive the binding and emulsification benefits of methylcellulose but with thermo-irreversible binding so end products function whether served hot or cold! Furthermore, the ingredient system is clean label and free of major allergens.

Whether you're reformulating a burger, sausage, or nugget... or innovating on an entirely new product category like whole muscle, seafood, or deli slices...

Rubi Prime™ is a game-changing tool in your developer's toolkit.

plant-based sausage with Rubi Prime™

Fatty, juicy, savory... Rubi Prime™ unlocks thermo-irreversible binding functionality while locking in flavor and fat. Get ready to make the best animal-free products you've ever tasted.

plant-based burgers with Rubi Prime™

Make the cleanest label, most delicious burger imaginable with Rubi Prime™. This ingredient gives you the opportunity to take synthetic ingredients like methylcellulose off your labels and deliver the taste and cook performance consumers expect.

plant-based chicken with Rubi Prime™

Rubi Prime™ can help bind just about any format of products together. Consider extruded chicken tenders. Our ingredient keeps your ingredient deck clean and simple while enabling you to deliver optimal flavor and texture in your breaded or unbreaded applications.

plant-based steak and whole muscle cuts

Are you pioneering in new formats like whole muscle cuts, or using ingredients like mycelium to push the boundaries of meat alternatives? Send us a note and let's explore how Rubi Prime™ might help you push the limits of what's possible.


Technical highlights

Complete Protein
Complete Protein
Complete Protein

Rubi is a complete protein (with a PDCAAS of 1) that can add high-quality, highly-digestible protein to your product formulation.

Fat and Flavor Enhancing
Fat and Flavor Enhancing
Fat and Flavor Enhancing

Rubi has unique fat-binding properties that allow food formulators to reduce or even remove saturated fats from their ingredient labels by binding and encapsulating unsaturated fats. Due to lower cookoff volume loss, fat and flavor is locked into products which makes for a better tasting, juicier and more functional meat alternative product.

Moisture Retention
Moisture Retention
Moisture Retention

No more dry and crumbly products! Upon heating, Rubi becomes insoluble with high water binding capabilities and can prevent food from drying, extending shelf life in many applications.

Thermo-irreversible Binding
Thermo-irreversible Binding
Thermo-irreversible Binding

Our Rubi solution forms a self-supporting gel at four times lower concentration than egg whites. This thermo- irreversible gel holds both water and fat, replacing methylcellulose and egg whites while improving mouthfeel, texture and flavor delivery.

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