Plantible Foods Founder Story
Founder Story

In 2016, Tony and Maurits, two Dutch entrepreneurs, sought creative solutions to rebuild the food system from the ground up in order to address the climate crisis. They discovered RuBisCO (or Rubi Protein™), a natural enzyme that provides the same nutrients as animal proteins and is abundant, scalable, and affordable to produce.

Plantible Foods was founded with the goal of producing Rubi Protein™ at scale. Rubi Protein™ is a complete protein with all nine essential amino acids, vitamin B12, a neutral taste, and is allergen-free. It is prized for its incredible functionality that solves a large range of formulation challenges.

The question then became, how to consistently produce Rubi Protein™ at scale?

Founder story
Our Story

We are Plantible, a biology company unlocking the power of plants to promote the health and longevity of people and planet.

Our first mission is shaping the future of food. How we nourish our global population is the greatest humanitarian and environmental challenge of our time. On top of that, food poses the greatest challenge of all: it must taste delicious.

Today, most of us know that doing right by our planet and our future requires moving away from animal-based food production, which is destroying our environment. But existing alternatives to animal protein are just that: alternatives. They’re more expensive, less tasty, and oftentimes, less healthy.

At Plantible, we’re tackling this problem from the ground up. We've built a robust, sustainable, and scalable supply chain that harnesses the power of plants to produce novel foods, starting with a toolkit of better plant-based protein ingredients. We work with pioneering food brands to create better plant-based products that are affordable, tasty, and nutritious, making animal-based protein the less desirable alternative.

Plantible Foods Rubi Protein
Rubi Protein™

We’re making Rubi Protein™ ready to use in the food and beverage products you know and love, from baked goods to animal-free burgers and cheeses.

We believe that all food can be plant-based — even protein. Grown, not raised. Regenerative, not depleting. Clean and lean, not messy and opaque. Real food that tastes really, really good. Nutritious, functional and delicious -- with no compromises. Rubi Protein™ makes this possible.

Rubi Protein™ used as a binding system in gluten-free pastas
Rubi Protein™ used as a binding system in gluten-free pastas
Rubi Protein™ powder is neutral in color and widely applicable
Rubi Protein™ powder is neutral in color and widely applicable

We offer plant-based protein ingredient toolkits that solve critical challenges in taste, functionality and nutrition.

Community Building

Let's work together to create the sustainable food system of the future.

Plantible is a vertically-integrated company that is designed to collaborate with every level of the food industry. Our farms address global challenges by putting local communities first. We create economic opportunities, preserve natural resources, and help communities become independent by giving them the tools they need to combat climate change and be self-sustaining.

We’re creating new jobs and training people to do more skilled jobs in struggling and arid rural communities that used to be known for their agricultural activity. We’re helping farmers get ahead by creating new opportunities and training skills, giving them jobs -- not taking jobs away.

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