We are on a mission to revolutionize the food industry by harnessing the power of the humble, awe-inspiring lemna to create the world’s best plant-based protein


Producing More With Less

Our mighty and itty bitty lemna may well be the most protein efficient crop in the world based on land and water requirements. Compared to its less earth-friendly competitors, our humble protein hero is:



More protein efficient than soybeans



More protein efficient than peas



More protein efficient than beef


Introducing Our Unique Protein

At Plantible, we are developing innovative technologies to produce the world’s best and most sustainable plant-based protein.

Our ingredient will be all-natural, organic, and free of major allergens. CPG makers will be amazed by our protein's functionality and will prize its neutral taste, odor and color for use in a multitude of formulations


Empowering Plant-based CPG makers


duckweed protein that is allergen free

A complete
plant-based protein

plant-based protein that behaves like egg white

Colorless, flavorless and odorless


Organic and free from the top 8 allergens

Complete plant-based lemna protein

Functionality equal to or better than egg white

transparent and traceable lemna protein production

Transparent and traceable production process

sustainable plant-based protein from duckweed

Incredibly sustainable


The Amazing Versatility of our Protein Ingredient



Dairy Alternatives


Meat Alternatives


Better-For-You Snacking


Sports & Health Nutrition


Smoothies & RTD Beverages


Our proprietary cultivation and extraction processes enable us to grow lemna in low impact, environmentally sensitive aqua farms, using no pesticides and recycling nearly 95% of the water


Earth Friendly and Sustainable

We use scalable processes and environmentally friendly indoor aqua farms to grow lemna. From there, we utilize our proprietary extraction technology to create an organic and complete protein that will be the most sustainably produced plant-based protein in the world. Our processes require no pesticides, hexane, or other toxic chemicals – and we do not require valuable farmland or irrigation to grow our crop!

Our process is uniquely transparent and traceable, from farm-to-formulation, and all our processes are taking place in the USA. That helps keep our CO2 footprint and impact on the environment low.


How do we do it?

Data Driven and Automated Cultivation


We start by growing our lemna in an indoor, quality controlled environment, and use our developed technologies to optimize growth rates, nutritional content and ideal harvest times.



No other plant can compete with the natural growth rate of lemna, which doubles in mass every 48 hours, allowing us to harvest the lemna on a daily basis! Most other plant-based protein sources can only be harvested once a year!



We have developed an efficient and proprietary cold-press extraction process that extracts our organic and white protein ingredient from the green lemna biomass.



Lemna is Mother Nature’s king of RuBisCO protein – the most prevalent plant-based protein on Earth – and protein from lemna is more digestible than pea, soy, or algae. And on top of that, the protein possesses unique functional properties that are better than egg white.


Meeting the Challenges of a Small and Hungry Planet

We are trying to contribute to a more sustainable and responsible future while meeting the food needs of a hungry planet


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